Our product and service offering makes us the supplier of choice for a wide variety of clients such as federal, state and local governments, automotive manufacturers and importers, insurance companies, fleet, lease and rental companies, corporates and financial institutions.

Customer Benefits

There are many benefits provided to participants in the auction process, including:

  • Pricing Distinct from Volume: Manheim Auctions can move large volumes of vehicles efficiently.
  • Critical Mass of Buyers and Sellers: As Manheim auctions have become larger and more efficient, they have been able to bring together the needed number of vehicles and buyers to achieve market values for vehicles and ultimately establish a national used vehicle marketplace.
  • Credible Pricing: Manheim Auctions give the industry an objective view of what vehicles are worth in the marketplace.
  • Internet Applications: Manheim Auctions have embraced Internet technologies to increase efficiency and offer additional services to both buyers and sellers.
  • Process Integrity: Manheim Auctions have employed information technology and a strong code of ethics to help eliminate odometer rollbacks and title laundering. Standards for frame damage and condition reports have also become more consistent industry-wide.
  • Reconditioning Value: Most Manheim auctions have state-of-the-art reconditioning facilities that enable sellers to maximize total return on investment.
  • Affordable Participation: Manheim Auction fees, as a percentage of vehicle selling prices, have gone down during the past ten years.
  • Compliance: Customers who buy vehicles from Manheim can do so knowing the transaction is in full compliance with all Thai regulations.

Manheim Asia Pacific’s Services

Vehicle remarketing and auction

  • Financiers Auctions
  • Motorbike Auctions
  • Salvage Auctions
  • Truck Auctions
  • Plant and Equipment Auctions

Technology Pioneer and Innovator

  • Simulcast : Internet Sales Technologies
  • Vehicle information management system (VIMs)

Manheim Vehicle Remarketing Solution and Consulting for Defleet Services

  • Inspection Solution
  • Refurbishment Solution
  • Transport Solution
  • Title Transfer Solution

Manheim Services include

Logistics Management

Transport Solutions

Manheim manages thousands of vehicle movements per year via a network of leading transport specialists providing quality services to our clients.

Backed by our experienced National Customer Service Teamable we arrange inbound or outbound transport for passenger vehicles including damaged cars, 4WD and commercial vehicles, trucks, machinery and motorbikes. Services are of the highest standards of safety and security with competitive pricing for door to door delivery.

Vehicle Storage

Our range of Logistics services include fully secure, monitored storage on-site and off-site facilities. A variety of value added services are available.

For enquiries about vehicle transportation and storage services please contact us.

Vehicle Inspections

Manheim conducts a broad range of inspections for many institutions.

Using qualified inspectors Manheim provide repair estimates at the time of inspection and simultaneously report the inspection result, complete with photos, back to the seller or institution.

Manheim Thailand conducts in excess of 30,000 inspections per year.

Talk to us to see how we can assist you.

Benefits from our inspections services include

  • Independent assessments of vehicle return/handback condition
  • Arbitration facility for dispute resolution
  • Management reporting tools allowing Managers to track trends across the fleet
  • Assistance and advice on return standards and contractual conditions
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Enhanced customer confidence as a result of an impartial inspection of the vehicle
  • Rectification Services
    • Cosmetic refurbishment
    • Professional Detailing
  • Valuations
  • Remarketing consultancy & advice
  • Dealer retail support services
  • VIMS - Vehicle Information Management System
  • Catastrophe management

Title Transfer (Blue Book)

Once payments for purchases have been made, the Manheim Title Transfer Solutions Officers at the auction are available to assist you in the administration of Title Transfer including the administration of the necessary documents. These title specialists are available to you Monday to Friday.

Some special conditions apply to come vehicles regarding transfer, or ability to transfer. Please check the Title Light in the auction catalogues, on auction lane displays and online for more information.

If you require assistance, please contact us, we are happy to help.


Arbitration is a valuable service provided by the auctions to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers to assure the vehicle in any transaction has been properly represented. An individual employed by the auction company, which is a neutral party in the buying and selling process, arbitrates any disputes. Certain conditions such as undisclosed frame damage, a repaired frame or rebuilt cars must be arbitrated within set time periods.

Arbitration usually applies to vehicles that were announced and sold under the green light, meaning those sold free of any known major defects. Controversies can be resolved by the two parties coming to some kind of financial adjustment on the selling price or if the arbitration finds the buyer's complaints accurate, and no monetary compromise can be reached, the sale may be canceled or unwound. Auction arbitration services are free to buyers and sellers.

Marketing and Advertising

Critical to the success of any auction sale is attracting many buyers and sellers whose interests are complimentary. All auctions bring this expertise to its customers. Auctions may employ telemarketers who call dealers locally or around the country to inform them of upcoming sales and promotions. In addition, the auction will send faxes, pre-sale lists or direct mail flyers to a targeted set of dealers who frequent the auction or who have made the auction aware of their buying needs. Advertisements are placed in automotive trade publications and announcements are put on the auction’s web site. Posters adorn the auction lobby and displays are often created to attract interest in upcoming events. In many instances, sweepstakes or prizes are promoted to attract buyers.